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Davinci Jeremie on Crypto Trading, Precious Metals, Dash, and Bitcoin Scaling

I had the great pleasure recently of speaking with Davinci Jeremie of the Davinci Codes, veteran trader and developer. We spoke about his unique path from socialism to hearing Ron Paul and going down the sound money rabbit hole, which led him out of the stock market and into precious metals. We then discussed his journey from crypto-skepticism to a full-on Bitcoin believer, to seeing the network unable to scale and become less useful for regular transactions, to a more “big tent crypto” approach, including a strong interest in Dash. Finally, we discussed the “little old lady” trading strategy and the development of Pandora’s Wallet, a trader-geared wallet that allows users to easily trade across a variety of exchanges while withdrawing between orders, always keeping control over their own funds and private keys.

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