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Bitcoin Ready for a MASSIVE Move!? The ONE Chart You MUST See! BTC to $500k?! 🚀

Is #Bitcoin gearing up for another big move? Modeling $BTC value with scarcity, crypto to crypto volume up 66%, $BNB hits all time high (again), the halvening and price possibilities, Thailand crypto adoption, $VIDT validates Rembrandt, crypto news, and more!

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3:48 Markets 〽️
5:15 Bitcoin trading volume by exchange:
7:28 Tom Lee interview:
8:05 Volume up 66%:
9:13 Plan B podcast:
10:24 Bitcoin’s scarcity:
15:24 We have all been there:
16:27 CSW contradicts Satoshi:
17:07 Satoshi post from 2009:
17:55 V-ID (VIDT) x Rembrant:
18:17 Binance (BNB) x Zilliqa (ZIL) mainnet swap:
18:25 Tron (TRX) x Ledger:
18:42 IEO List:
18:55 Thailand crypto adoption:

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