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BITCOIN Bulls vs Bears! ONE Last Fake Out? TOP ALTCOINS for Next PUMP!? [THEORY]

Was Bakkt’s announcement enough to scare away the #Bitcoin bears? Why altcoins continue to dump and which one ones might do well next altseason, serious money warming up to crypto, China credit bubble, Turkish $BTC adoption, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

1:48 Markets 〽️
8:24 Original Binance Announcement:
12:59 Start small:
16:07 Bitcoin Lightning Network:
18:33 Sending an email in 1974:
19:45 Serious Money Warming up to BTC:
20:26 Sometimes this happens:
20:49 BTC still king:
21:56 China Credit Bubble:
22:34 Hong Kong protests:
23:00 Turkey turns to BTC:
23:53 Coinbase mishap:
24:18 Monlith x Digix x MakerDAO:
24:41 Mike Tyson vs Fight to Fame:
25:05 Blockchain for US customs:

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Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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