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TUSD is being manipulated and constrained – Sfomo crypto news

Market today continued to grow although whales had started to transfer their capital to USD

1. TUSD: According to Sfomo signals, the pair USDT – TUSDT showed lots of obvious manipulation, to be specific:

– At Buy Order, whales set an order worth $500,000 at price 0.9995 USDT (sometimes the total value for this order even reached $1 million)

– At Sell Order, whales set an order worth $570,000 at price 1.0005 USDT (sometimes the total value for this order reached $1 million too) (2)

This action has been lasting for a couple of days. The gap between two orders is just 0.001 USDT for each TUSD. This helps whales controll this coin’s value because if someone want to sell faster than whales’ selling order then they need to selll at lower price and fill in the waiting bid order and vice and versa. Those two orders might not belong to the same organization or whales but this affect greatly to this coin’s value, which makes this coin unable to fluctuate significantly because both selling and buying sides are really strong. (3)
2. Up_Price: Sfomo is delightful to announce that we are developing an algorithm based on a formula from which the growth from coins and increasing price actions are recognized. This formula is called Up_Price and the result had been showed by the pair POE – Bitcoin on Binance, to be specific:

– At 2:07 PM, Sfomo recognized “Up Price” signal for POE on Binance. This is when POE had price 360sts and then brilliantly increased to 523sts – a 49% of profit in just 3 hours.
We are trying our best to finalize the algorithm and release Up Price function as soon as possible to our community.


The market is being manipulated and controlled by whales. This whole day witnessed the slowdown from buying BTC and Altcoin. Our prediction is that whales are trying to sell out their bags and get ready for another shopping season from the market.

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