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Pink Ranger Joins Crypto?!? Is DigiByte The REAL Bitcoin? Bitconnect “Ring Leader” Arrested!!! $UUU

The Pink Power Ranger has officially joined forces with crypto, Bitconnect mastermind is jailed, is DGB the real BTC, Ontology wallet, TenX cards, Krugma says BTC could replace gold, DENT, crypto news, and more!
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0:14 Markets
1:03 Will BTC replace gold?
1:20 Krugman like BTC now?
2:22 We need speed:
4:15 Bitconnect is DEAD:
4:48 LMAO:
5:15 Pink Ranger joins crypto:
6:20 TenX (PAY) card:
7:08 Skynet:
7:30 DENT ETHScanr App:
7:46 U Network (UUU) Testnet Release:
8:33 CoZ NEO Neon Wallet Update:
8:54 Ontology (ONT) Wallet:
9:35 🤑 Elastos (ELA) (BGX) airdrop!:
10:07 APEX (CPX) Crypto Zombie AMA:
10:50 Vitalik Ethereum (ETH) proposal:
12:50 Roger Ver Tweet:
13:33 Josiah DigiByte (DGB) response:
14:32 Edge Wallet welcomes DigiByte:
15:01 What manipulation looks like:
15:46 Crypto News: Regulations, crimes, disclosure…
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