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Crypto Markets: Why I am not panicing || Crypto News || Eth Winners Announced

Just getting caught up from being away from the crypto markets. Over the last couple days we have seen another bitcoin crash and people are getting bummed out because of price points.

In this video I share my thoughts on why I am not worried. Now is the time when the best crypto traders and big players capitalize. This is the time when you start buying your top altcoins, this is the time when you do more research on the undervalued altcoins.

Basically this is the time when you “buy low… SOOOO you can sell high later..

As always this is not financial advice.. this is just my opinion but here but the signals are there that big money is waiting to get in.. Now it is just a game of patience.

As always please do your own research. ANY time you jump into this OR any other cryptocurrency it is a risk.. so make you are well educated on the subject and are accountable for your own actions.

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