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CNW- 04.08.2018 – Crypto users gamble on Trump assassination

Crypto users bet on assassination date for Trump, Ripple with Bill Clinton and Madonna, new exchanges under scrutiny again, Vietnamese CEO absconds with $35 million.

In weekly roundup of what is happening in the crypto news, it turns out that one decentralized new ICO project that offers blockchain betting on Ethereum has been making the news for all the wrong reasons. In Vietnam, a CEO of Sky Mining has been reported to the police for absconding with $35 million of the project’s funds in what looks like the latest exit scam.

Pantera has been disclosing unbelievable returns on its investments in the last 5 years, whilst admitting to some hard-hitting losses this year.

As the crypto world becomes more cautious of new exchanges with faked volumes, BitForex falls under the spotlight this week.

Ripple with the deepest pockets for PR in the industry have been burning cash again on the big names. Does this make any difference to the XRP price?

All in this week’s video roundup.

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