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📈 Markets Up! BlackRock Investments ETF 🚀 MASSIVE Crypto Updates: $ENJ $TNC $COB $SRN $FUN $EOS $XMR

Finally we start the week off on a good foot. Usually we see a weekend dip, but it seems this time we did the total opposite. BlackRock Investments heavily “eyes” Bitcoin ETF and massive coin updates! Cobinhood introduces fiat pairs, Monero passes audit, Trinity wallet is out, Enjin ERC-1155 used in new game, SIRIN Labs Finney phone aimed for November launch, FunFair x RakeTheRake, Kucoin buys back KCS for burn, crypto news, and more! Don’t forget to join the livestream tonight with Cryptobobby, Crypto99, and CryptoCandor!

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0:01 Bake x Calsumoran “BORN2LOSE”
1:05 Market Update
2:28 BlackRock eyes the crypto space:
4:13 Cobinhood (COB) launches FIAT parings:
4:42 Monero (XMR) successful audit:
4:55 Trinity (TNC) Wallet App Available:
5:13 FunFair (FUN) x RakeTheRake:
5:56 SIRIN Labs (SRN) Finney phone to launch November:
7:26 Kucoin Shares (KCS) buyback and burn:
8:07 VYPER – new experimental Ethereum language:
9:40 EOS vs ETH (more drama)
12:14 SKYNET!?!?
13:13 Enjin Coin (ENJ) ERC-1155 used in “9Lives Arena”
14:46 📄 ARTICLE: The Crypto Knowledge Gap:
16:03 🔴 Crypto Zombie, CryptoCandor, Crypto99, Cryptobobby livestream:

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