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Hybrid of Doge and ETH | BTC inspires | Carrot for crypto | cryptocurrency news

Hybrid of Doge and ETH | BTC inspires | Carrot for crypto | crypto news, cryptocurrency, bitocoin news

Greetings from NakamotoJedi! This weekend was so rich in cryptocurrency and blockchain news, that today we have a lot to tell you. The latest news on cryptocurrency with NakamotoJedi:

Statis Group predicts that during the next crypto rise BTC will reach almost $100.000 USD. Everything is possible, but nobody knows when to expect skyrocketing. And it seems that bitcoin has a competitor on the market – Dogecoin, the price of which has jumped almost by half. This is at the time of market fluctuations! The hype around the coin can be explained: soon the crypto community will get a hybrid of Dogecoin and Ether. Let’s see what they’re preparing for us.

And cryptonews is not only about money and trading, this time it’s about music. Probably, you’ve heard the song Kamikaze by Eminem? If no, listen to it attentively – there is something about cryptocurrencies. The song is so cool that even Luis is singing it in today’s episode. You cannot miss it!
NakamotoJedi has found that in Kiev, which is the capital of Ukraine, you can buy fruit and vegetables for bitcoins. But in Russia nobody sings songs on crypto coins and sells carrots for them. On the contrary – Russian authorities are cracking down on bitcoin ATMs.

And how about organic crypto bananas? How is it possible to combine blockchain technology and agriculture? That’s interesting.

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