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Crypto News June 13: Tether Price Manipulation, Enjin Testnet, Binance GBP Fiat Pairs

Tether price manipulation

Enjin Coin testnet launches today
Nebulas and Certik for formal verification

Neublas Partners With CertiK to Enhance Platform Security

Private equity tokens by SwarmFund

Swarm to launch new tokens representing equity in Coinbase, Robinhood, Ripple, and Didi

Coinbase Index Fund now open
Binance GBP fiat pains from Jersey

Binance Signs Deal Paving the Way for British Pound Trading Pairs

Binance ICX mainnet
Binance EOS airdrops
Palmex exchange gets approval in Bahrain, Middle East
Ledger manager went down

Reserve Bank of India did no research before ban, may help case to reverse

Reserve Bank of India is Going to Court for a Zero Research Cryptocurrency Ban

US Congress considering crypto study on sex and drugs
EOS more than halfway there
CoinMall, crypto marketplace

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