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Crypto Easter eggs: Life without ETF – $1mln at BitMEX | crypto latest btc news & cryptocurrency

Crypto Easter eggs | Life without ETF – $1mln at BitMEX | crypto latest btc news & cryptocurrency news, crypto coin news

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Hey hey hey! The third week of NakamotoJedi crypto news youtube is about to end. During this time we’ve discussed so many interesting issues concerning crypto daily! Though the picture of market is sad, cheer up, because bears will not hang around here long.

So, bitcoin news today:

If there are any gamers among our jedis, they’ll be glad to hear this – the adventure game No Man’s Sky gives the opportunity to earn bitcoin while playing. Search for BTC in… Easter eggs! Would you try?

And the panic because of SEC and ETF is in vain. This is what Pantera Capital’s CEO Dan Morehead believes in. In general, more and more people are realizing that SEC is likely to make a negative decision. So should we pay so much attention to it?

While skeptics gloat that BTC is falling, Bitmex, CME and CBOE have increasing trading volumes. It seems like bears are not as strong as they might think.

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00:22 Market Update
00:34 Total market cap reached annual minimum
01:10 Earning BTC in No Man’s Sky game
01:16 Seek for bitcoin Easter egg
02:06 Pantera Capital’s CEO: to much buzz around ETF
02:14 Dan Morehead:SEC will reject
02:56 BitMEX daily trading volumes over a million
03:27 CME and CBOE keeping up
03:39 No more bearish market

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