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Blockchain may bring the internet down. Crypto Fever News

Is the Internet ready for blockchain technology? What does “Bitcoin City” look like in Slovenia? What will happen to cryptocurrencies in Russia? Why did ZenCash developer steal an armored vehicle? All this in our Crypto Fever News report.

Cryptocurrency Expert Svetlana Zharova.

00:29 – Bank for international settlements: wide use of blockchain may bring the internet down
01:16 – The so-called bitcoin city appeared in Slovenia
01:59 – Putin: there cannot be Russian cryptocurrency
03:08 – An amateur miner in Chelyabinsk caused the heat in an apartment building
03:52 – The co-founder of the crypto currency ZenCash stole an armored vehicle from the US army. They say that he was charged up with drugs
04:41 – French special services covered the largest darknet drug platform
05:29 – Bank of England gives access to the clearing blockchain-platform
06:04 – China plans to assemble equipment for blockchain technology in the Crimea
06:51 – Selling the cryptocurrency today it’s like selling Apple shares in 2001

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