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Blockchain for 5G | Crypto in banking: latest crypto news & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain for 5G | Crypto in banking: latest crypto news, crypto news, blockchain news, crypto news today – Visit our website
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Dear crypto lovers, meet yet another episode by your loyal adviser and guide NakamotoJedi!
In today’s crypto news digest:

A global investment bank Goldman Sachs has many plans for cryptocurrency market. For the sake of attracting crypto funds, they even enter services unavailable before! This is what good profits make people do!

And businesses are slowly but steadily opting for blockchain technology as in the case with VeChain Foundation. Wow, could you imagine that blockchain can be used in establishing 5G connection?

The last news is for bravehearts who strive to fight against the system. We’re used to the fact that SEC controls securities and exchanges, but this time it attacks YouTube. If the situations gets worse, we should take measures, agree?

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00:22 Market Update
00:38 Bitcoin keeping 6900 mark
01:03 Goldman Sachs investment bank and its crypto initiatives
01:12 Goldman Sachs wants to store crypto funds
02:10 Business realizes the value of blockchain
02:16 VeChain Foundation’s partnership with Docomo
02:32 Blockchain contributing to 5G establishment
03:06 SEC summons YouTubers to court
03:22 A blogger judged for Bitconnect advertising
03:42 Trevon James asks for support

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