🍏Live Bitcoin Trading Robot on Bittrex; BTC Price Chart; Crypto News.

Bitcoin(Сrypto) Robot constantly monitors all Bittrex coins for any changes in Real Time. Trading Robot are streaming signals and real transactions on the bittrex exchange. Unlike traditional signals, bot will show when you should close the deal. This is a main advantage in comparison with traditional trade signals. If there is a movement, then bot takes it all. Also, if Robot sold coins, then in most of the cases rate will go down and crypto bot will show when it’s safe to buy again.


⛔DON’T FOLLOW! Calibration stage…We do not recommend trading with the current version of the bot
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🔎We constantly work to improve the algorithm and interface…stoplosses in next bot version…and we will filter or label high-risk signals
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Crypto news in chat legend:
📢News, 👍Listings, 💡Realise, 🔔Signal, ✈Airdrops, 📅Events, 🔎Analytics, 🔥Alerts
💰Top 100 Bitcoin wallets transactions 24h

Crypto news and signals:
Robot for binance soon.

BTC 19vtCvozFDGM868k89E2uCA6Vw2cguXqrg
BCH 17AJaugtouSmNP6jGsV1wRVNpP5ZV7hNPD
LTC: LQEwpHed7fG3yVxN2v9L9aJcLQLZDd6Gxr
ZEC: t1Mf37bqs6kj4k2SQptes659PHntYiVKZjT

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